Upcoming Clinic:

  • Contact George - gfindley@rogers.com

Upcoming Clinic:
 - TBD

Upcoming Clinic:
 - TBD

  • In the early stages of its organization
  • Responsible for slopitch 
  • Contact Paul Seguin (paulseguin19@gmail.com)
  • Directly affiliated with SloPitch National
  • Responsible for Slopitch only
  • Contact Don Mantha (UIC@slopitch.com)
  • Directly affiliated with Slo-Pitch Ontario and Softball Canada 
  • ​Responsible for both fastpitch and slopitch
  • ​Contact Ted Metcalfe (ted1148@yahoo.com)

Umpires and Clinics

Many local men and women give up their free time on a daily or weekly basis in order to officiate local softball games. This can often be a difficult challenge and often it can be a rewarding challenge. Without these dedicated people and organizations our games would often lack structure and discipline. Before you judge them, step into their shoes: