• Founded in 1965 as a National Sport Organization (NSO) In Ottawa
  • Recognized and finacially supported by the Government of Canada
  • Designed to help grow the sport on a national level
  • Created in 1997 with the motto "For players By players"
  • Canada-wide with connections to NSA-USA
  • Local Area Director Kevin Cameron (kevin@nsacanada.ca)
  • A Canada-wide organization created in 1989
  • A national competitor to SPO with a large focus in Ontario
  •  Local Tournament Coordinator Michelle More (more.michelle@sympatico.ca)
  • Local District Coordinator Leo Tardioli (613-783-2000 x202)
  • An Ontario based organization created in 1982 
  • Associated with Softball Ontario and  Softball Canada as well as USSSA (USA)
  • ​Local Director Ron Hawthorne (rhawthorne@slopitch.info)

Softball Organizations / Overseeing Bodies

Softball in Canada is an extremely popular sport played with different rules, different equipment and is run by 3 major overseing bodies. These organizations have 2 purposes. One is to set a standard of gameplay across all of their territory as well as to offer proper insurance to cover its members. Leagues can choose to register with any of the 3 organizations according to which organization better suits that league. Ottawa is also home to the Softball Canada head office which is the National voice for softball (both Fastpitch and Slopitch) in this country