This seems pretty straight forward but still gets confused often. 

(1) The award is *2* bases, not to be confused with the old rule of  1 (+1) 

(2) The bases are awarded from the time of the THROW. Not when the ball leaves the field. This is an umpire call. 

What you Need to Know - 

The Rule - 

​Ball Is Thrown Out Of Play

When a throw is made by an outfielder, or is the result of any succeeding play or attempted play, the two (2) base award shall be governed by the position of each baserunner and the last base he/she has touched at the time the throw was made. If two (2) baserunners are between the same base, the award is based on the position of the lead baserunner

What you Need to Know - 

(1) There must be a force play at 3rd base and less than 2 out.  

(2) The play must be made "with reasonable/ordinary effort" meaning that it can not be some all-star defensive play. This is an umpire call. 

(3) Runners can still run.  The batter is out, but THE PLAY IS LIVE. This means if the ball is caught, the runners can tag up and run. If the ball is dropped, the runners can still run. 

The Rule - 

INFIELD FLY: An infield fly is a fair ball, not including a line drive, which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when first and second or first, second, and third bases are occupied, before two (2) are out. Any fielder can catch an infield fly.

The Infield-Fly Rule

Commonly Misunderstood Rules

There are rules that confuse even the most experienced ball players. Sometimes it's the wording, sometimes it's the lack of regular usage, and sometimes it's simply the judgment used in making the call. Below are some of the most commonly mistaken rules and calls used on the field. If you have a rule question please email us at